Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Tomorrow I get to "redeem" my birthday present : ) I finally get to put this baby to good use...

I am super excited that I finally get to attend the photography class I have been wanting to go to!!! I am a little worried that I won't learn everything I want to, but I'm so ready to check it out! I have been interested in photography for a long time, but just never took the steps to advance my skills...not implying that I have any skills. I am quite ridiculous at the amount of pictures I take (I believe anyone in my family would back me up on that...) but hopefully after my class and little bit of studying I can take lots of better pictures!

So, I've got my battery charging, my SD card cleared, and my supplies packed for tomorrow : ) Wish me lots of luck and learning!

Tonight, we treated ourselves to an easy take-out dinner from one of our favorite local places since we have been working so much and so hard this week. And also, because we have absolutely no groceries. We decided to let the pups ride with us to pick up dinner and of course they LOVED it! However, we looked a bit crazy I'm sure with 3 dogs hanging out both of the windows on one side of the car, ha!