Saturday, July 17, 2010


It has been such a whirlwind around here lately! And it doesn't look to be slowing down too much in the near future either. We are both wrapping up the summer semester of school, trying to complete all the last minute papers, projects and other annoying things teachers cram in at the end of a semester. Then we only have a couple of weeks off before the next semester

Anyway, thought I would have an "update" post since I have gotten so behind on blogging. So, just for a few updates in our household...

  • I have finished my desk that I was took some trial and error but it looks pretty good I think! It's been finished for some time now, but just haven't had a chance to take pictures of it...
  • We do have a covered patio outside now! Again, haven't had time to get and take pictures but hoping to sometime this weekend...i LOVE it by the way : )
  • So if you remember this post where I couldn't decide which "big" house project to tackle first...a decision has been made...and the choice was...drumroll please...HARDWOOD FLOORS!!!!! It was a hard decision. We looked at washers & dryers for hours at every appliance store in Birmingham last weekend and I finally decided to go with the floors. I thought that they were more fun than laundry, ha! I couldn't be more excited, but nervous at the same time! This is a huge project we are taking on...oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we are installing them ourselves, ha! shall make for some great entertainment and blog posts I'm sure! I will definitely be taking all of you on our journey so don't you worry...stay tuned
  • I bought another pattern so I might be embarking on my second sewing project soon : )
So maybe I didn't have as many updates as I thought. I just felt like there has been so much undocumented these past couple of weeks, but I guess not...At any rate, you now know what's been going on in the Coop home lately and what is upcoming.

Happy Weekend!!!!