Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TV, TV, and more TV

Well, well, well…

We have come to the end of this TV season…only to begin another one! YAY! I am such a total TV junkie…mostly reality TV! I know, I know…pretty pitiful! Considering how busy I always am I should spend my time more wisely, but I just can’t…I’m addicted! In my defense, at least I admit I have a problem and I do DVR the shows so I watch them after my work is done…well, usually.

I am a couple of days late, but I have now got the season finales of Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing With The Stars, and The Biggest Loser watched (I had a week off…).

I thought Desperate Housewives was going to be ending this season, but I am so glad its not! Always full of drama and i LOVE it! Brothers & Sisters was great as always, but they let Rob Lowe die!!! Whaaaa?!?!?!?!? How could you ABC!?!? What did you guys think of DWTS? I really liked Derek and Nicole, but I really wanted Evan and Anna to win instead. I just thought Nicole had too much of an advantage over all the other contestants, BUT I still loved her and Derek has always been one of my favs. So I guess overall, I’m pretty happy with this past season of DWTS.

How about The Biggest Loser? I LOVED IT!!!!! Of course I cried, like I always do : ) Watching people make such amazing transformations is just incredible! It just stirs up so many emotions in me and is really inspiring. By far my most favorite team was O’neal and Sunshine!!! O’neal made me cry like every week and totally kicked butt, especially given his age and condition. I liked Daris, Sam & Koli and Miggy & Migdalia lots too! I really liked just about everybody EXCEPT the “red” team. Ugh! I don’t want to be too ugly, but I could not stand the wife on the red team. She was SO deceitful and manipulative and just really irked me! Glad she showed her true colors and got sent home! There are several of them I would have been happy to see win, but I thought Michael worked so very hard and deserved the victory. I always love this show and cannot wait for the next show! Until then, I will definitely be watching Jillian’s new show this summer, “Losing It!”

Lastly, I just watched the season premiere of The Bachelorette. Looks like it is gonna be good!!!

My top picks so far: Roberto, Ty, Chris L, and Jesse!

My not so favs: Craig M and Justin

Who’s your top picks?

Tomorrow, I will finally have some pictures of our back patio posted! Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday night : )