Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to the Real World

Blah!!! That's how I feel about what this post's title refers to. Our mini vacay was FABULOUS!!!! but way TOO SHORT!!! The beach is such a wonderful place! Oh how I NEVER wanted to leave : (  Early this morning on the drive home, I was quickly reminded I was heading back to reality when I got an email from school saying they had to take me out of my class that I was registered for this summer due to blah, blah, blah...I swear, it's ALWAYS something! I dread trying to fix this situation! Dealing with school is always so frustrating to me! I digress...

So, as I sit here on my couch with no less than 50 things that need to be done before I start working tomorrow, I am trying to figure out where to start...Why is it SO hard to get back into your normal routine after being away from home a few days!? I mean I just feel lost and out of place in my own home...weird! Mikey had to rush off to work as soon as we walked in the door and I have just been wandering around like a zombie the last 2 hours...

So, I figured there was no better way to start my normal routine back than to update my bloggie friends : ) Although I don't have time to catch up on all my blog reading, I wanted to post to let you guys know that we had a LOVELY vacation and we have arrived back home safely : ) I will be posting about our beach trip soon with some pictures but that may not be until next week. I am about to work 4, yes FOUR, nights in a row!!! (Pray for me!) So, if I'm still alive and breathing next week, I will get that post up.

For now, I am going to force myself to start unpacking and getting this house in order for my upcoming busy work weekend! I hope the weather is beautiful for you guys this weekend and you all enjoy it!!!

UGH!!!! I'm already having withdrawals!!!! I want to GO BACK!!!!