Monday, March 29, 2010

New Week, New Idea

Well, I didn't mean to go MIA again...I have been struck yet AGAIN by this horrible "bug" that seems to be lurking around our house! UGH! I had a FULL weekend of spring cleaning planned but I only managed to get our living room cleaned, darn! Luckily, I have 3 more days off this week before I work ALL weekend (BOO!)...Easter weekend at that : ( So hopefully I will tackle some cleaning during this time. But I also have LOTS more to get done too! Oh, how I wish I could add hours to the day!

As I laid around yesterday and thought about everything I wanted needed for the house and browsed around on Etsy admiring all the totally adorable finds, I had an idea...I CAN MAKE THIS!!! Well, if I knew how to sew, and of course I would need a sewing machine... Well, tomorrow we are heading South to my parents house to return my Daddy's tiller Mikey borrowed and my mom is going to give me a sewing machine to use! I am super excited!!! Not really sure what I'm going to make first but I have LOTS of ideas in my head! I am a total novice though so this is going to take me a little while to teach myself what I'm doing, ha! I will be happy to take you on my journey though : )

Just what I need...yet ANOTHER project to take on! As if trying to learn about photography, graphic design, & home decorating isn't enough! Yeap, these wheels are always turning! Probably why I always feel exhausted and always behind! HA! You guys know what I mean, right!? But anyways, here's to my new goal of learning to sew...