Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chicago Bound!

In exactly 15 weeks and 6 days Mikey and I will be in CHICAGO!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited! I am a VERY inexperienced traveler and I want to see every place new, but Chicago has been on the top of my list for a while...not as high up as NYC, but I digress...

Mikey has always been a HUGE Cubs fan...still trying to figure out why, ha! (j/k Honey!) and I have been wanting to take him to a Cubs game for a while but never really committed to actually planning it and saving the money. Well, now we are committed and saving : ) We have tickets, Cubs shirts on the way and a hotel booked! I have never truly picked a MLB team so maybe this will sway my decision...besides Mikey has been working on me for a few years now. And...I did manage to turn him into a BAMA fan : )

I cannot wait to take this trip! We chose to drive to save money rather than fly, so that in itself will be very interesting, ha! It's gonna be such an awesome time : )

So, our project the past couple of days has been refinishing a china cabinet we bought. We have been looking for one for probably about a year now and I FINALLY found one like I wanted a couple of weeks ago on craiglist! I was SO pumped! Mikey has been working hard to make it look GREAT and tomorrow we are going to stain it! I think it is going to be B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! We shall see... So here are some before pictures. These are the pictures that were posted on craigslist so they aren't great, but they get the job done.


The AFTER pictures are soon to come : ) Mikey also put up crown moulding in our bedroom this past week. It looks SO good! I can't believe how talented my hubby is! I might post some pictures of that too later this weekend.
I am off tonight and Sunday! I am hitting the gym this morning after work, rest a while then who knows...I'll fill ya in later this weekend! Hope you all have a FABULOUS and beautiful weekend!