Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Work In Progress

We have been very SLOWLY putting together our new little home : ) Mikey is making a good bit of furniture and other things (rather than buying) for our house so of course it's taking a little time...but it's TOTALLY worth it!!! I love having my own personal carpenter, ha! We ALWAYS have tons of ideas and pictures running through our head of what we want in every room. We get so excited about everything we want to do in every room that we do one thing in one room, then jump to another room, so on and so forth...

We decided to focus on ONE area at a time : ) And we started we our living room. We still have several projects to tackle in this room but we are making progress. I asked Mikey to make me some "floating" shelves for some pictures and "knick knacky" type stuff. He did a GREAT ALWAYS : )

Of course I have pictures to show. So enjoy!

My "floating" shelves

Don't worry...we are gonna get some WAY cooler things to display : ) this is just some things we had around

Trying to give an idea of that side of the room...(haven't worked on the fireplace yet)...stay tuned

Still gotta get a real table...working on that : )

There ya go...a sneak preview of what's to come! Although, my poor excuse for photography does NOT even come close to doing our {soon-to-be super cozy} room justice. Can't wait to move on to our next project : )