Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Beauty Tips and Favorite Products

I don't really have any beauty tips because I am by NO means a makeup artist!!! FAR from it! However I do have some favorite products that I swear by! I have had terrible acne problems in the past (even was on accutane for a while...ugh) so I was forced to find skin care products and makeup that kept my skin moisturized, but not too much and also makeup that covered well but didn't clog my pores and/or feel "heavy"...gross!

I will start first with my skin care...

I LOVE Philosophy products!!! I use these two cleansers, the exfoliating wash in the morning, and the purity wash at night. They are SO mild and feel GREAT!

I use this moisturizer day and night! LOVE it!

This is my MOST FAVORITE product EVER! This goes over the moisturizer but under make-up. It makes your face SO smooth and the make-up stays on ALL day! Or all night in my case...for 12 hours!!!  By far the best productive EVER made!

As far as make-up goes, I wear Bare Minerals. I love it because it covers well, is light and good for your skin! They have tons of choices and it's just FUN to visit a Base Essenctuals store! I love beauty products though...I'm a total girly girl : )

Can't wait to check out what everybody else's tips : )