Monday, February 1, 2010

One Beautiful Day Closer to SUMMER!

Well, I will take one day closer to SPRING! It is a GORGEOUS day outside! Although I am pretty bummed that I have to work tonight, I am happy that I got to enjoy this beautiful day today! I was going to head to the gym this afternoon while Mikey was in class, but I'm just afraid I might run out of time to get ready for work. Instead, we headed outside to take the pups on a walk, or if you are Charlie...a run!

Silly, silly dog

An apple an day keeps the vet away : )

Toby LOVES LOVES LOVES going on walks

Running with their Dad...Ellie stays with her Mommy : )

See, here we are : )

Charlie loved it too

Ellie is a little more "low key" ; )

That is one S-E-X-Y man if I do say so myself...LOVE him : )

I hope the end of the week has in store some beautiful weather like today did! I hope everyone had a great Monday!