Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drumroll Please.........

We have a fence!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! This is probably not that exciting to anyone else but Mikey and I, but YAY!!! Mikey and Timbo worked SO SO SO hard to get us a fence built and I am SO grateful. Thanks again momma and papa coop for driving down to help us (well, not us...Mikey, ha!)! And thank you Mikey for working SO hard and in such yucky, cold weather to finish it alone! It looks GREAT and you did a wonderful job!!!! So, here are the best pictures I could get...

This is most of it...and yes, we are going to put grass in the back...Mikey had to clear the area out himself after we moved in. And that is Mikey's shop where he makes me all kinds of pretty things : )

The back of our fence and the left side is the neighbors side...ours looks better ; )

The back and right side : )

The right side looking towards the house

Toby and Mikey's "shop"

My love working on my shelf in his shop : )

Well, there you have it...our FIRST very own FENCED backyard : ) I can't wait until it's get warm outside so we can plant flowers and make it even cuter : ) and sit out and enjoy it! i LOVE it!!!!! : ) : ) : )