Monday, January 18, 2010

God is SO good!

Wow! What an incredibly gorgeous day outside. Sure, I could stand for it to be a little warmer, but mid-high 50s sure beats the heck out of the 20s! I am SO glad to see Alabama weather coming back! I hope its here to stay! Well, as you can see I have changed our blog around a little. I wanted to change the name so badly forever ago, but just couldn't think of anything I really liked or wasn't too corny, etc. This title may seem a little boring or cliche to you, but I LOVE it! I feel like it will truly represent what this blog is all about, which is our journey we are taking through life together as a married couple : ) I totally get that I'm not the most creative/interesting/clever blogger there is, but what I blog about is the things I want to remember 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Also, I am still VERY new to the whole blogging world. So, with that said I hope to continue to learn about and improve our blog so we and others can enjoy it to its fullest. One day I will break down and get a custom page made, but who knows when.

This week is going to be a BUSY one for me! I am working overtime as well as cramming in all kinds of mandatory meetings and classes for work, ugh! The only night I won't be working is Wednesday night, but it is already totally full. So, needless to say you might not hear from the Coop household much this week, but I will try my best to at least throw in a couple of posts this week. Today has been pretty productive so far. We slept in (kinda...), had our oven repaired (THANK THE LORD!)...i've never known how much I heart my oven til it's gone, ha!, went to the gym, had lunch, and a little laundry so far. But I still have lots I want to get done this afternoon before work tonight. So that means I better get to it huh!? I hope you guys all have a wonderful week : )

I've been dreaming about summertime and the beach lately, so I will leave you with this picture : )

Ocho Rios, Jamaica: June 2009