Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogger's Block

So, my blogging lately has definitely been less than desirable. Lately, I fell I have had some type of "blogger's block"...you know, as in the equivalent to writer's block...Okay, that might have been a stretch, but you know what I mean? Life for us lately has been pretty uneventful. I guess that could be a good thing, but just not healthy for my blog. I just LOVE our new house, but I still just can't feel 100% settled here. I guess it's because we have so many things to do (like build a fence), furniture to acquire, and decorations to purchase. I don't know exactly what it is...but I hope I start feeling completely settled in SOON : )

So, totally WAY off the subject but, I just have to say that graduate school REALLY stinks! I began this journey of getting my master's degree to be a nurse practitioner last spring. I took two classes and then took a "break". Honestly, it was SO much work. Going to school and working full time at the same time is nothing to laugh at. I thought only working three nights a week that classes would be a breeze, but wow...did I have another thing coming! Anywho, after my two-semester long "break", I find myself here again...in grad school, ugh! I thought for sure that I would be totally motivated and ready to get this behind me, but here I am blogging rather than posting discussions and researching as I should be and sadly I feel this is MUCH more important, ha! I just hope I find that much needed motivation to kick my butt into high gear and FAST!

This is probably the MOST pointless post yet, but hey...that's okay, right? I just wanted to vent a little. I hope that maybe my life will give me more to blog about soon. Work is lined up for the next two nights but maybe this weekend we will find something to get in to...and hopefully the temperature will reach above freezing : ) Hope you all have a nice Hump Day tomorrow!