Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Weekend of 2010

Our first weekend of 2010 has been pretty nice : ) We rung in the New Year with some college friends who came into town Thursday night. We had a great time, but I realize what an old married couple we are becoming everytime we try to have a late night out, ha! I cooked us a New Year's breakfast/brunch, then we just laid around/slept/was VERY lazy all day and all night Friday.

Most our weekend was centered around a little home project. We finally got Mikey a storage building for his "shop!" YAY : ) So, Saturday was spent getting the building delivered and then painted. Unfortnately, this process did not go quite as planned so it's a little unlevel at the moment, ha! But we will get that fixed sometime in the near future. It was SUPER cold so we bundled up and painted the building together : ) It really is a cute little building, I can't wait to put some pretty flowers in the flower boxes : )

Today, we went to church, had a nice lunch, then headed home to have a nice relaxing afternoon together. We have to finish painting the building and I have some laundry to get done for this week, but then I think we will have a dinner and movie night at home : ) Tomorrow Mikey starts working night shift with me!!!!! I am SO EXCITED about this!!!!!!! We have worked on opposite shifts for over a year and it wasn't fun, but now we will be able to spend more time together and be on the same schedule : )

I hope you all have had a GREAT start to 2010!!!