Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year...

Well, it was...

Naturally, I am late posting. So this comes to you a few days after Christmas 2010! Mikey and I had a very "low key" Christmas this year. It was just us two and the pups. It was quiet, relaxing, and wonderful! I spent the whole morning in my PJs, finally showered that afternoon and put on fresh PJs for the rest of the was bliss! This was the FIRST year EVER in recorded history that Alabama saw a "White Christmas!" It snowed SO much, but sadly didn't really stick in our neighborhood. It was beautiful coming down though while we opened gifts and relaxed by the fire all day : )

I was SO terrible at taking pictures of our Christmas decorations this year! And I actually did a little more decorating than last year. However, next year is going to be BIG and only get bigger as Ella Grace gets older! I am SO stinkin excited!!!

My hubby is the best gift shopper EVER! I got some awesome pajamas (always a FAV!), cozy socks and slippers : ) A new bracelet and a big LeCreuset dutch oven!!!! Super pumped about that! Mikey got lots of hunting stuff...a new coat, boots, an iPod (since someone broke into my car and helped themselves to his old!), and some shirts and ties for work. That's not to mention my bookstore giftcard (score!) and robe and Mikey's Bass Pro gift card, all from Momma and Papa Coop! All in all, I would say Santa was pretty darn good to us both : )

And of course we didn't leave the puppies out! They each got toys and treats, which they were super psyched about : )

Anxiously awaiting presents, but Ellie is already being nosy : )

Charlie must have known he was getting treats...

Toby LOVED his toy! He couldn't even wait for us to take it off the packaging first! Ha!

That toy was going...nowhere!

Hard at work to take off an ear...

An hour later...mission accomplished!

I did not take a single picture of me or Mikey...shame! Oh well, I did get a few pictures of our tree and stockings though. I planned on taking some better pictures before we took the decorations down, but Mikey de-Christmastized (far fetched word, I know...) while I was at work last night : ( So these will have to do...

Hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRSITMAS!!!

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