Monday, December 20, 2010

Garth Brooks!

Baby Girl C (maybe she'll have a name one day...) got to go to her first event last night! She got to hear Garth Brooks in concert! I still haven't felt her move (grrr...), but I feel extremely confident she was dancing her little heart out in my belly : ) I have not been to very many concerts, but this one was definitely a treat! As I'm sure you all know, Garth retired a few years back, therefore not touring anymore. He decided to perform just 9 shows in Nashville to raise money for the flood relief that affected the Middle Tennessee area back in May, and I am so glad he did!

This trip was an extra little suprise we got on the day we found out Baby C was a girl! My sis-in-law called to see if we wanted to go because she knew someone selling tickets. Of course we jumped right at the chance! (Thanks again Lizzie!) The drive was the only bad part, just because we drove up right before the concert and right back afterwards, but it was DEFINITELY worth it!!!! We only snapped a couple of pictures of us, but got a few of Garth and Tricia Yearwood during the show!

 It was hard to get decent pictures sitting as close as we were

Matt & Liz : )

Good Times!!!!

If he were to ever go on tour again, which I'm sure he won't...but if...we would for sure have to see him again!!!!

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