Friday, November 12, 2010

12 and 13 Weeks!

So yeah, I'm pretty much a failure when it comes to blogging these days : ( Actually, I'm a failure at anything other than being sick and sleeping lately. As a result of my blogging hiatus, I am forced to combine my 12 and 13 week updates. Nothing has changed in the two weeks so I guess it doesn't really matter.

How far along? 13 weeks!

Baby's size? Almost 3 inches and weighing close to one ounce!

Weight Gain? Shockingly, still 1 pound...

Maternity clothes? Yeap. I was hoping to go a while before requiring any maternity clothes, but that wasn't happening with these boobs! Most of my shirts would give me a little belly room, but my boobs made them too short : ( Oh well, it always fun to go shopping, right!? And...I must admit the maternity pants are WAY more comfy than my regular pants. Guess I didn't realize my tummy has gotten a little bigger.

Stretch marks? Nope

Belly button in or out? In

Sleep? I just can't stop sleeping during the day, which I know makes it worse at night. But I'm just so nauseated (and exhausted) during the day I would rather just sleep through it than be miserable. Hopefully, when I begin working day shift this will get better.

Foods I am loving? Oh let's see...pretty much anything that is terrible for me. Still potatoes in any form, cheeseburgers, pasta, cheese, pizza, sweet tea, and peppermints! Although, I have backed off the Subway sandwiches lately.

Foods I am hating? Chicken! Hence all the hamburgers and pizza : /

Best moment this week? the MOST awesome ultrasound

Movement? This baby is such a mover! But I still can't feel it : ( Soon, I hope!

Symptoms? Same old, same old...lots of nausea and sickness (guess my baby didn't get the memo that this is suppose to be better now!), shortness of breath, started experiencing the extra saliva (yuck!) which doesn't help the nausea, and some cramping the past couple of days

Gender? I'm still thinking BOY, but we'll see next month!

What I miss? I just wish I had more energy to function day to day

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out if we're having a baby boy or girl!

Weekly Wisdom: ??

Milestone: 2nd trimester! YAY!

Emotions: Great! But I have noticed that I get teary-eyed a little easier lately : )

So, on Monday we had the most awesome ultrasound! Baby C was dancing around as usual! We got to see a great profile view (our baby is SO beautiful by the way) and he/she was already sucking his/her thumb! SO stinkin adorable!!! There is also a great shot of the arm and hand behind the can see the hand and arm so clearly, it is just amazing! The heartbeat was nice and strong at 157 BPM!! I am going to post 2 videos of the ultrasound. We had a really hard time saving these where we could post them. Somehow they are a little out of order, but still awesome. The first one starts out as the 10 week ultrasound and somehow changes over to the 12 week. The first one shows the face and the heartbeat. The second one is where he/she was sucking his/her thumb : )

The thumb sucking starts at about 28 sec and goes on for a little while : )

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11 weeks!

How far along? 11 weeks!

Baby's size? 1.5 inches...about the size of a fig : )

Weight Gain? 1 pound

Maternity clothes? Nah

Stretch marks? Nope

Belly button in or out? In

Sleep? Not the greatest...I'm not sure what the problem is...maybe the CRAZY dreams I'm having?

Foods I am loving? Still potatoes and pizza. I really hope I develop a healthier appetite soon! Otherwise I might gain 50 lbs! Had a strange craving for sweet tea...weird because I am NOT a tea drinker, I NEVER drink tea! But it was sooooooo good ; )

Foods I am hating? Changes day to day...but still consistently chicken and haven't been crazy about vegetables which is SO sad because they are my FAV foods!

Best moment this week? Getting to see my little one again! Strong heartbeat of 174 bpm : )

Movement? Tons on the ultrasound, but of course I can't feel it yet

Symptoms? Oh...the past week was a rough one!!! Worst yet! But...hopefully all this will be disappearing in a week or two!!! I'm praying!

Gender? Killing me to find out!!!!

What I miss? Nothing besides having energy and feeling better. BUT it is ALL totally WORTH it!

What I'm looking forward to? Next ultrasound and 2nd trimester

Weekly Wisdom: ??

Milestone: Being 11 weeks pregnant : )

Emotions: Happy, excited and extremely blessed!