Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Review

This post is a sequel to THIS POST. I thought since I posted these goals I would give you all an update on how I did. Well, all in all I think September was a pretty awesome month! We started off the month with college football season starting (YAY!), took a relaxing trip to Ellijay, GA, found out we were going to be parents : ), and I decided to take a different job that I think will work so much better for Mikey and I! Here are my goals and how I did...

1. Relax more - I get an A++ for this one! Ha! I have been relaxing a little too much lately, ha! We started this one off right with our trip to the mountains where I found out I was pregnant! Then these past 2 weeks all I've wanted to do is sleep, sleep, sleep! And I have a lot!

2. Take more pictures - I didn't do so great on this. I took a few at the park one day. Then I took several on our trip, but if it wasn't for the trip I probably wouldn't have taken many at all.

3. Spend lots of time outside - We have spent a good amount of time outside this month : ) We enjoyed our outdoor fire pit a couple of times, but then it got too hot again! It is much cooler this week, so hopefully this cooler weather will stick around and we can hang outside more!

4. Blog more - Done better with this also. Except, I must confess that taking a trip and founding out we are pregnant helped with this one : )

5. Read one good book for enjoyment - I never picked up a novel or anything like that, but I've been reading several books about pregnancy and I'm enjoying that : )

I think I might keep this goal thing up in October too! It was nice for me to have a few things to work towards so at the end of the month, I feel like I've accomplished something : )

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