Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Fabulous Weekend Getaway: Day 1

Yesterday we returned back to home-sweet-home from our first trip to the Georgia mountains. We took a much needed trip to just r-e-l-a-x but we mainly took the trip for Mikey's birthday which is tomorrow!!! We drove to Ellijay, GA where we stayed in a very pretty, very cozy cabin for just us two : ) Well, and the 3 pups. This is actually the first vacation we have taken with the dogs and they were actually very well behaved! I think they enjoyed it just as much as we did, ha! We enjoyed being able to take them along too. The first night, we just settled in, bought some groceries, watched football and relaxed! It was great!

Unfortunately, the first morning I woke up very sick with a cold, but I didn't it stop us from having a great time! First, we jumped in the outdoor hot tub for a bit after breakfast. Talk about a great way to start the day...I have never been a big fan of hot tubs, but it felt pretty good to get in there on a cool morning before getting the day started! Then we got ready and headed out to take Mikey golfing...right after a trip to the drug store...I did not take many pics while at the golf course, but here are a few I snapped.

After golf, we headed back to the cabin to pick up the dogs and take them out to explore and snap some pictures. While driving through the "resort" we saw tons and tons of deer. Literally over 100 the 3 days we were there! They were so cute! They just look at you like you and continue on about their business, ha!

They are kinda hard to see, but this was someone's yard and there were like 8 deer just laying there in the daylight, like they were their pet dogs or something. It was pretty funny : )

Toby, Ellie, and Charlie enjoyed the scenic ride too : )

I have lots more pictures to post from this first afternoon we spent there. I don't want to overload this post, so it is to be continued...

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