Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Fabulous Weekend Getaway: Day 2...continued

After finding out our very exciting news on the second morning of our trip, we definitely didn't get into the hot tub to start our day, ha! We decided to head "downtown" and check out what this little town had to offer. The downtown square in Ellijay was really cute. There were lots of antique shops, restaurants, and other stuff. I wanted to take some pictures there, but it was waaaaay too crowded!

I wanted to buy a little something for our baby we just found out about, so we decided on a nursery rhyme/prayers book from one of the shops. I might be a little overboard I know, but I don't care. That's me for ya! Ha! I wanted to have something to commemorate this HAPPY day with and also to remember when and where we found out : )

After lunch back at the cabin, we decided to just take a drive and look for somewhere to take pictures. We finally picked a spot and shot these photos.

We then saw a sign that pointed down a slighty creepy path through the woods to "Laurel Falls." So, we figured what the heck...let's check it out. It was definitely a bit sketchy looking and it was not my idea of a waterfall, but we took the hike so I took a picture...


Too bad Mikey wasn't paying attention...would have been a great picture!

You will notice my frizzy/curly hair as a result of our little "waterfall hike"...ugh...

After our mini photo session we headed back to our cabin, grilled lots of yummy food and watched ALABAMA football!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I will leave that post for tomorrow : )

All in all, it was a wonderful day! We were just on cloud nine all day that day since we had found out that morning I was pregnant : ) We could have sat in a cardboard box all day and still have been happy! Ha!

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