Thursday, August 26, 2010

"F" for effort

Please excuse my blogging hiatus. I have sat down several times this past week to post, but just didn't feel like I had much to talk about. I have to be totally honest though and tell you that I have wanted to enjoy every. single. second. possible with my hubby lately rather than take pictures and blog. Nothing against my bloggy world but I love him dearly. And I miss him lots due to our terrible schedules : ( But enough of the mushy, mushy... A few updates...

Really not much has been going on lately. We traveled up to Tennessee a couple of weeks ago to say a "see you soon" to Timbo (Mikey's dad) as he left for yet another deployment to Afghanistan : ( This is never, ever fun at all, but we are super proud of him and what he is fighting for. However, we are really excited for the day he retires and doesn't have to leave us anymore : )

On a different note...I loved my photography class that I talked about HERE, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to practice and put any of my new skills to work yet. Hopefully soon though.

We took a break from our DIY house projects for a little while. However, we are having withdrawals so I think we are diving back in this weekend : ) We are going to work on completely finishing the living room. This doesn't involve anything major. Just painting, a little decorating and possibly some crown molding. Also, I really promise that I am going to post pictures of the hardwoods in the kitchen too. I have just been ignoring it...I don't really know why, just lazy I guess. Hence, the title of today's post.

And, we finally joined a sunday school class! Even though our church has like a hundred different sunday school classes, we didn't have much of a choice due to Mikey's stupid schedule. Thankfully, we loved the class!!!!! Everyone there was so welcoming, sweet and the whole mood was totally relaxed...just like us : ) I can't wait to go back!

Lastly, I hate wishing time away, but...I thank the good Lord above that August is coming to an end!!!!! Woo to the Hoo!!! I have been working my little tail off and I am sick of it...Not only work though, this has just been a crazy, busy, bizarre month and I am just ready to relax and watch some college football!!!! Can I get an amen!?!?!? And maybe a ROLL TIDE : )

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