Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August in review...

So, here I am on the last day in August only making my 8th post for the whole month! How sad...It is only fair to say that I expected this month to be a crazy one. I had soooo many hours that I had to work, along with continuing to work on the house, starting a new school semester, as well as seeing my FIL off to another deployment, just to name a few things that happened in August. Also, a fair warning...I feel that this is going to be a totally reflective, rambling, all-over-the-place post. More for myself than anyone else, but here goes.

This month I have really struggled with working the night shift. I have been working nights for 2 1/2 years and always have my doubts once a year or so, but then I just suck it up and get over it. Unfortunately, thats not happening so easily this time : ( I love some things, well most things about working nights, it's just that my body is really on a daytime schedule. I notice a huge change on the weeks that I have several days off in a row. I sleep better, eat better and have soooo much more energy. I thought I would never say this, but I'm afraid that I have turned into a morning person...eek! With this all being said, the possibility of me moving to day shift is nonexistent, for several reasons. So, basically I am just venting and by doing that, hoping to motivate myself to become in better spirits about working nights. I mean, I am totally blessed to even have a job, right!? Moving on...

Our DIY house projects are going well. Now that the floors are finished, we are still working on totally completing the living room before moving on. This past weekend we painted the living room and hallway and are currently in the process of changing the window treatments. We have purchased crown moulding for the room and as soon as we find the time to install it, we will be about 95% finished with that room! YAY! It has taken a long time to work on this room, but it is definitely the biggest in the house, by far so it will be a huge task behind us when it's finished : )

A very positive thing that happened this month was that Mikey and I finally joined a sunday school class : ) We have been attending our church for a couple of years now and became members a few months back, but never made the commitment to a sunday school group. I was a little nervous about it (don't know why...), but turns out we love it! Everyone in the class is sooo welcoming and very sweet! The class teacher and his wife invited us to lunch with them Sunday after church and we had a great time. I can't wait to grow closer to the Lord and to these people in our group. This is definitely a great thing for us : )

Also, I have made a little time to cook some new things this month. So far, everything has turned out great! Maybe soon, I can sit down and share the recipes, although all of them are borrowed recipes anyway so they might not be new to you guys, ha! And my addiction to Whole Foods has only gotten worse as I have broadened my cooking horizon...oh no...

So, now that I have just rambled on about some of the happenings in August, I know that I am definitely MORE than ready to welcome the month of September! September is an awesome month! I mean we have Mikey's birthday, fall weather starting to show up a little bit, thoughts and smells of fall foods and treats and of course, football!!! Just to name a few. We were hoping to sneak off for a relaxing weekend in the mountains this month, but not too sure if that's still gonna happen. However, no matter what happens this month, I am making a pledge to myself right now. I am going to slooooow down some this month and just enjoy life!

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