Thursday, July 22, 2010

DIY Hardwood Floors - Day 4

We actually have some hardwoods down! YAY!!! Last night we were able to get started on actually installing some of the floors : ) We didn't get started until late afternoon because I had to work Tuesday night and then sleep, of course, but we have made some progress. There were a couple of small challenges at first, but being the "professional hardwood floor layers" that we are, we now have it all under control, ha!

However, the process is a sloooow one for sure! We are hoping to be finished tomorrow night...I don't know though ,we have lots left! I wouldn't be in such a hurry except that our house being a complete and total mess is driving me CRAZY!!! We won't get to work much on it today because Mikey has class and work until 9:30 tonight : ( Although I am 100% confident that I could work on the floors myself while he is gone, I doubt he is that sure of should really have a little faith babe, ha! : ) But we have all day and night Friday to work.

I only snapped a couple of pictures last night because at this point all the pictures would just look the same. Although we don't have a whole lot of the floor down yet, I do LOVE it!!! It is going to be so pretty : ) So here are some pics from last night...

Being the overly sentimental person that I am, I wanted to put our mark on the foundation outside our bedroom : )

When we first started...

About 3 hours later, ha! (told ya it is a slow process...)

We might could go a little faster if we could get these guys to help...


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