Monday, July 19, 2010

DIY Hardwood Floors - Day 2

WOWZER!!!!!! And I thought ripping up carpet and tack boards from the foundation was hard!!! That is NOTHING compared to removing linoleum. O-M-G!!! I'm just going to be blunt and honest with you about SUCKS!!! Okay, just had to get that out there...

So, last night was Step 2...(check out yesterday's post if you need to be filled in) We had to tear up the linoluem from the kitchen floor = pretty easy, but then we had to scrape all the lining and glue from the conete = really HARD!!! It took a while, we are both exhausted, sore and have blisters on our hands but...Step 2 is COMPLETE!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!! I couldn't be more happy about that!

So here are some pics from day 2...

This gives you an idea of the floor before we "retired" it...suddenly it looks nice to me, ha!

The linoluem is up...well, the first layer!

This is torture work! Prisoners should be made to do this all day every day for the rest of their's that bad!

Scraping up ALL that white stuff that covers the WHOLE kitchen...again NOT fun...

Excuse this totally rough, totally unflattering picutre of me! But, I needed proof I sweated too, ha!

Mikey thought he needed a picutre of me wearing the knee pads, silly boy!

So after 5 hours of hard work, this is what my kitchen floor looks like now...

Pretty, huh!? HA!

I am hoping the hardest part is behind us. It looks like it will be Wednesday before we start laying the hardwoods, just because of work getting in the inconveinent, I know! The hardest thing to me is that the kitchen and living room (the 2 rooms we are always in) are such a MESS!!! And there is nothing I can do about it. I know it's just part of the process though. And in 2 short days I will start to see my dreams of beautiful hardwood floors coming true : ) I can't wait!

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