Sunday, July 18, 2010

DIY Hardwood Floors - Day 1

And so it begins...

Our journey to beautiful hardwood floors that is! Last night we started the process. A messy one [process] too! It was pretty "nerve-wracking" for me, for Mikey...not so much. That "no turning back" feeling hit me hard as Mikey just took an "Exacto" knife all the way across our carpet shredding it. Liberating/exciting for him...scary for me, ha! I am super excited about the end product but knowing that my house will be in total disarray for the next week is making me pretty uneasy. However, I am excited about Mikey and I working on this project together and I know it will be very fulfilling in the end...assuming we are still married at that point, ha! No way, i'm totally kidding!!! We actually worked great together last night : ) Anyway, here is what has happened so far...

Step 1: We cut/ripped up the carpet in the living room [insert LOTS of grimacing and nervous expressions from me]. We then had to remove the "tack" boards that the carpet was stuck to. They were nailed into a concrete foundation = NOT easy! However, step 1 is complete : ) Yippee!!!

Step 2: Remove the linoleum from the kitchen floor. I thought removing the tack boards from the foundation was a pain, but it looks like that's going to be no comparison to this linoleum : / This is going to be tonight's project...oh boy...

Hopefully, the floors can start being put down in the living room tomorrow, but that all depends on how tonight wish us luck! And if anyone out there has any tips regarding this project, feel free to share : )

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon : )

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