Friday, June 18, 2010

Waaaaay Over Due!

I got to looking through some pictures on my computer this morning and realized that I have never posted pictures of the "hall tree" Mikey built for our living room!!! Ah, shame on me!!!! One thing I absolutely cannot stand is wearing shoes in the house...eeewww! SO gross! And...unfortunately we do not have a "coat" closet or any storage area immediately by our front door for our shoes/purses/coats/etc...

I knew when we first moved in that I wanted to put a "hall tree" in our living room by the front door but also knew these could be a bit pricey. One day during one of our routine trips to Lowes, I was flipping through a magazine (as always...) and spotted none other than...a hall tree!!! : ) So, of course I put my love to work, ha! He did such a great job and it serves the purpose SO well!!! I am still hunting a cushion to sit atop the bench seat, but having trouble finding the correct size. Looks like I may have to make one myself...Anyways here are a few pictures to share...

Notice the pull-out "drawer" on the bottom for shoes...perfect!

Now, I gotta go pack for the weekend at the lake : )

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