Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plans derailed

Canoe Rental...$25

Gas up the Jeep...$20

Chips, beer, bottled water & fresh fruit...$15

BBQ chicken...$10

Waterproof Bag...$5

Our canoe day plans completely & totally go wrong, but we still have a good time together...PRICELESS!!!!!

I cannot even begin to give all the details of today because we would be here all night, but saying that our plans totally got turned upside-down would be a HUGE understatement! We decided a couple of days ago that we wanted to go canoeing down the river this weekend.  So we headed out early this morning to pick up our canoe then began to make our way over  to the "put-in" area to enjoy a day of drifting down the river enjoying the beautiful, relaxing outdoors. Well, after a very stressful (for several reasons) ride to the entry area we finally get there and realize our plan was not going to work...

We planned on putting the canoe in the water where we parked, paddle upstream, then float back downstream and end where we started and where the car was parked : ) Good idea, right!? Not so much when the river is moving too fast to paddle upstream...

Plan B: We headed to Oak Mountain, a gorgeous state park close to here and decided to canoe around the lake. It wasn't what we really wanted to do, but we ended up having a great time : ) It was very relaxing. Mikey fished and I got to just float around and read magazines. It was quite lovely : ) We got to spend some much needed time together just hanging out!

Some pictures from our little "adventure" (adventure to say the LEAST)...

LOVE this boy : )

I'm just trying to look cool too, ha ; )

Crusin along...

A picnic on the canoe...y-u-m!

Enjoying my fresh fruit : ) Sadly, it [my fruit] was involved in a tragic accident later this afternoon : (
More to come on that...


Sooooo yummy!!!

My personal canoe paddler : )

Okay, to elaborate on the tragic accident mentioned above...

As if our day had not been eventful we are headed down the road with home on our mind we feel this huge "thump". Check out the mirror and what it is the middle of the road? This...

This is our cooler. Yeap, Mikey left it sitting on the jeep. It made it about 1/2 a mile down the road, then gave up. The cooler itself wasn't too much of a loss...granted it was the only one we had, but it leaked. However, I was very upset about the loss of my favorite fruit : (

All we could do was look at each other and laugh, ha! It was such a "fitting" way to end our crazy day : ) After all was said and done, we had a WONDERFUL day together and will definitely be doing it again!

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