Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A broken promise

Okay, so I know that I promised pictures of our front yard oh...2 or 3 days ago...sorry! The first day I intended to take pictures but just kept forgetting (and maybe didn't want to move my car, shhh...), the second day was just a rainy, gloomy day and wouldn't have made pretty pictures. And yesterday, well...I should get a "A" for effort because I got my keys, moved my car, went outside with my camera and not one, but two different lenses, looking no doubt, crazy to my neighbors, turned on the camera, focused the lense and what happens...nothing!!! My memory card was inside in my laptop...of course : (

Needless to say, I looked around to give off the appearance that I knew what I was doing, hopped back in my car...still running...drove back into my driveway and went inside to get ready for work. I gave up, ha! So...hopefully I will get some pictures this weekend...I know, I know...yeah, right you say...

So not much else has been happening over our way. Just lots of cleaning and studying. Both of us being back in school is taking some adjusting, but it's working alright so far. We are already use to not seeing too much of each other so I guess that makes it easier. We do have Friday and Saturday off together again this week : ) : ) Double smileys for that! Not sure if the weather is going to be pretty but I hope so because I would love to just hang outside all weekend again! And we still have several projects to complete...

I might be venturing down to visit my mommy & daddy too...we'll see! Well, it's work on the schedule for me these next 2 nights so probably won't hear from me until later this week. Hope you all have a fantabulous Hump Day today : ) Tootles!

P.S. Sorry about the "pictureless" posts lately...just haven't had any relevant pictures. I will try to rectify that soon!

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