Friday, May 28, 2010

Patio Part 2

Here are the pictures of our finished patio! You can see the "before" pictures HERE. It is not completely finished just yet. Mikey's parents are donating a big canopy/tent to cover the patio (SO thankful for this!!!!!) and we will be adding some more flowers & decor during the summer. And you will notice that we need to replace some grass around the edges of the patio. We won't have the canopy for another few weeks though so I wanted to go ahead and post pictures without it : ) I will post more pictures when it is 100% completed! We have already enjoyed several meals outside! i just LOVE it!!!!!!

You can't survive a summer in Alabama without citronella candles!

Trying to show the patio stones, i love the stain color : )

The next few pictures are showing my pretty flowers : ) They still need a little TLC but they are getting there!

So there you have it! Lots of (Mikey's) hard work...but I did help some too...has paid off and now we have a beautiful patio to enjoy all summer : )

So I am in the middle of working a 4-day stretch so you probably won't hear much from our household til Monday or Tuesday. However, I hope you all have a wonderful & beautiful Memorial Day Weekend : )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patio Part 1

I finally have some pictures of our patio! Actually, I have pictures of our whole patio "building" process! I took quite a few pictures (of course!) so I decided to break it up into two different posts. Today's post includes the "before" pictures and pictures of the beginning of the process. Tomorrow you will get to see the finished pictures : ) Check it out...

Come back tomorrow for part 2!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TV, TV, and more TV

Well, well, well…

We have come to the end of this TV season…only to begin another one! YAY! I am such a total TV junkie…mostly reality TV! I know, I know…pretty pitiful! Considering how busy I always am I should spend my time more wisely, but I just can’t…I’m addicted! In my defense, at least I admit I have a problem and I do DVR the shows so I watch them after my work is done…well, usually.

I am a couple of days late, but I have now got the season finales of Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing With The Stars, and The Biggest Loser watched (I had a week off…).

I thought Desperate Housewives was going to be ending this season, but I am so glad its not! Always full of drama and i LOVE it! Brothers & Sisters was great as always, but they let Rob Lowe die!!! Whaaaa?!?!?!?!? How could you ABC!?!? What did you guys think of DWTS? I really liked Derek and Nicole, but I really wanted Evan and Anna to win instead. I just thought Nicole had too much of an advantage over all the other contestants, BUT I still loved her and Derek has always been one of my favs. So I guess overall, I’m pretty happy with this past season of DWTS.

How about The Biggest Loser? I LOVED IT!!!!! Of course I cried, like I always do : ) Watching people make such amazing transformations is just incredible! It just stirs up so many emotions in me and is really inspiring. By far my most favorite team was O’neal and Sunshine!!! O’neal made me cry like every week and totally kicked butt, especially given his age and condition. I liked Daris, Sam & Koli and Miggy & Migdalia lots too! I really liked just about everybody EXCEPT the “red” team. Ugh! I don’t want to be too ugly, but I could not stand the wife on the red team. She was SO deceitful and manipulative and just really irked me! Glad she showed her true colors and got sent home! There are several of them I would have been happy to see win, but I thought Michael worked so very hard and deserved the victory. I always love this show and cannot wait for the next show! Until then, I will definitely be watching Jillian’s new show this summer, “Losing It!”

Lastly, I just watched the season premiere of The Bachelorette. Looks like it is gonna be good!!!

My top picks so far: Roberto, Ty, Chris L, and Jesse!

My not so favs: Craig M and Justin

Who’s your top picks?

Tomorrow, I will finally have some pictures of our back patio posted! Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday night : )

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good & Bad News

Well, the good news is that we have gotten several projects completed over the last few days : ) But the bad news is that we have been so busy I haven't had the time to snap any pictures yet : (

We now have a completed and stained patio with furniture!!! YAY!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I am pretty confident that almost every meal will be eaten outside from now on, given nice weather of course. The patio looks GREAT! Mikey did such an awesome job (as always!) building the patio! I am seeing lots of summer nights relaxing out on our patio in our future : )

We also have one completed adirondack chair and the other is well on its way to being finished too!  Those will sit on our little covered patio that is directly outside our backdoor. They have the most adorable table to match the chairs at Pier 1, but it must go on sale before I purchase it, ha!

Lastly, I have worked my booty off on this desk I am trying to refinish, but it just isn't working out : ( The paint we are using ("Weathered Wood") is suppose to give that old "crackled" look, but it sucks! Don't get it! I have painted it twice now and still no luck so I have to come up with a different plan and find the energy to mess with that stupid desk more, ugh! I will to get our "office" room back in is driving me C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

Sadly, I had to cut this afternoon short though, as far as our projects are concerned. I have to work on this for a while now...

Just erase "history" and "literature" and replace them with "nursing" and "research"! I have been putting off my school work for a couple of days now, so I must get to studying and writing papers...

I hope to get some pictures taken either tonight or tomorrow!!! Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plans derailed

Canoe Rental...$25

Gas up the Jeep...$20

Chips, beer, bottled water & fresh fruit...$15

BBQ chicken...$10

Waterproof Bag...$5

Our canoe day plans completely & totally go wrong, but we still have a good time together...PRICELESS!!!!!

I cannot even begin to give all the details of today because we would be here all night, but saying that our plans totally got turned upside-down would be a HUGE understatement! We decided a couple of days ago that we wanted to go canoeing down the river this weekend.  So we headed out early this morning to pick up our canoe then began to make our way over  to the "put-in" area to enjoy a day of drifting down the river enjoying the beautiful, relaxing outdoors. Well, after a very stressful (for several reasons) ride to the entry area we finally get there and realize our plan was not going to work...

We planned on putting the canoe in the water where we parked, paddle upstream, then float back downstream and end where we started and where the car was parked : ) Good idea, right!? Not so much when the river is moving too fast to paddle upstream...

Plan B: We headed to Oak Mountain, a gorgeous state park close to here and decided to canoe around the lake. It wasn't what we really wanted to do, but we ended up having a great time : ) It was very relaxing. Mikey fished and I got to just float around and read magazines. It was quite lovely : ) We got to spend some much needed time together just hanging out!

Some pictures from our little "adventure" (adventure to say the LEAST)...

LOVE this boy : )

I'm just trying to look cool too, ha ; )

Crusin along...

A picnic on the canoe...y-u-m!

Enjoying my fresh fruit : ) Sadly, it [my fruit] was involved in a tragic accident later this afternoon : (
More to come on that...


Sooooo yummy!!!

My personal canoe paddler : )

Okay, to elaborate on the tragic accident mentioned above...

As if our day had not been eventful we are headed down the road with home on our mind we feel this huge "thump". Check out the mirror and what it is the middle of the road? This...

This is our cooler. Yeap, Mikey left it sitting on the jeep. It made it about 1/2 a mile down the road, then gave up. The cooler itself wasn't too much of a loss...granted it was the only one we had, but it leaked. However, I was very upset about the loss of my favorite fruit : (

All we could do was look at each other and laugh, ha! It was such a "fitting" way to end our crazy day : ) After all was said and done, we had a WONDERFUL day together and will definitely be doing it again!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Preview of our weekend...

Just a few clues as to what we will be getting into these next couple of days. I can't wait to have some finished products to show ya!!!

And finally...

We are going canoeing down the river tomorrow!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend : )

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A broken promise

Okay, so I know that I promised pictures of our front yard oh...2 or 3 days ago...sorry! The first day I intended to take pictures but just kept forgetting (and maybe didn't want to move my car, shhh...), the second day was just a rainy, gloomy day and wouldn't have made pretty pictures. And yesterday, well...I should get a "A" for effort because I got my keys, moved my car, went outside with my camera and not one, but two different lenses, looking no doubt, crazy to my neighbors, turned on the camera, focused the lense and what happens...nothing!!! My memory card was inside in my laptop...of course : (

Needless to say, I looked around to give off the appearance that I knew what I was doing, hopped back in my car...still running...drove back into my driveway and went inside to get ready for work. I gave up, ha! So...hopefully I will get some pictures this weekend...I know, I know...yeah, right you say...

So not much else has been happening over our way. Just lots of cleaning and studying. Both of us being back in school is taking some adjusting, but it's working alright so far. We are already use to not seeing too much of each other so I guess that makes it easier. We do have Friday and Saturday off together again this week : ) : ) Double smileys for that! Not sure if the weather is going to be pretty but I hope so because I would love to just hang outside all weekend again! And we still have several projects to complete...

I might be venturing down to visit my mommy & daddy too...we'll see! Well, it's work on the schedule for me these next 2 nights so probably won't hear from me until later this week. Hope you all have a fantabulous Hump Day today : ) Tootles!

P.S. Sorry about the "pictureless" posts lately...just haven't had any relevant pictures. I will try to rectify that soon!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun in the Sun...

Actually, I should say "work in the sun" because that is what Mikey and I have been doing the past two days. We have had the most awesome two days off together : ) I hate SO badly that they are coming to an end. On a good note, we have gotten tons of projects accomplished in the past 48 hours! I don't have all the pictures yet, but they will be coming soon...

Friday we headed out to a beautiful state park not far from here that we love to go to. There is a "beach" there where we like to go lay out when we get a chance. So, we did that for a few hours Thursday. After catching some sun, we headed home to grill out and work on our patio! I am sooooo excited about it! It has been a work in progress for a while due to the lack of funding, ha! But it has been coming together slowly, but surely. It is mostly finished now. We just have to stain it and then add some furniture : ) I can't wait to post pictures!

Today we woke up nice & early and headed back out for some more work : ) It was beautiful this morning so we loaded up in the jeep with the top off and headed out! First we hit Hobby Lobby to pick up the last few items needed for the roman shade (which I haven't worked on yet...), then to Wal-Mart to get some stuff for the yard, and then to Lowes because how can any outing be complete with a trip to Lowes!? We got some more pretty flowers to pot and some mulch for the front yard. The front yard is finally complete for the most part. I am going to take pictures tomorrow and share : )

After finishing up the front yard, we headed to the back to begin our projects. Mikey is building some adirondack chairs! He is finished with one and I am painting it a pretty blue!!! The second chair is started, but it might be a couple of days before it gets finished since he has to work and study the next couple of days. While he was building the chairs I was working on a project of my own...

We have this U-G-L-Y, but very necessary desk. I have been wanting to redo it for a while, but then we moved, and life just happened. Well, this was finally the time... I spent all day sanding, which I hate with a passion might I add, and then painting most of the first coat. I still have a few days' work left on it, but I can't wait to see the finished results!

Toby, Ellie, and Charlie have loved staying outside most of the two days. I will leave you with some pictures of them enjoying the outdoors : )

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to the ol' days

I am SO excited...In about 3 hours I will be headed HOME to one of my most favorite things (my bed!) and will be off work for 5, yes FIVE days : ) : ) : ) I am soooooo super excited!!! Things have been so "out of routine" for us since returning from our vacation. Unfortunately, I have an extremely "type A" personality when it comes to routines and planning so it has been driving me CRAZY!!! I am so used to cleaning on this day...running these errands of this day...working out on these days...and eating this meal on this day that I  have just totally lost my way the past couple of weeks. Not to mention that now that Mikey is back in school full-time and still working part-time our schedules are so opposite and backwards we never get to spend any time together : ( Having dinner together is even a rare event these days. But...

Mikey is off Friday AND Saturday WITH me!!!!!!!!!! I have no clue what we are going to do just yet, but we are definitely going to make the most of our 2 days off together : ) I'm thinking a whole day laying out and just hanging out! I don't know we'll see...

But what I do know is that starting this morning after work I am taking our lives back to the good ol' days when I was in control of our lives, ha! I am gonna get all my planning and routines back in play and get this girl's life in order once again, ha! I really, really hope to finish sewing the roman shade for our kitchen window this weekend so hopefully I can take some pictures and share it with you. Not to sure how it's gonna turn out, but I'm ready to have something covering my window : ) I hope you all have a lovely Thursday today and I am looking forward to getting some more entertaining posts up in the near future!!! Have a great day : )

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to wish all my friends and family out there a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous day and know how much you are appreciated and loved : )

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beach Trip

I am finally getting around to posting about our trip we took to the beach for our anniversary. We had a wonderful time! It was absolutely gorgeous (luckily we beat the oil...) and SO relaxing! I was horrible at taking pictures the entire trip : ( It just takes so long to take good pictures when it's just us two. Some of the pictures are taken with the good camera, but most are taken with just our regular ol' camera so the quality isn't the best.

The first day we got there it stormed so we didn't make it to the beach that day : ( So we just hung out in the hotel room then headed out to dinner that night. We had a lovely dinner with live music at the harbor. After dinner we walked the harbor together where I was more than SHOCKED to get a HUGE surprise...

These are my original rings but Mikey had sent away my ring to get a bigger center stone! (i thought my old stone was loose and gone to get fixed, ha! I was totally tricked!)
p.s. picture take with my phone so not the picture can do a diamond justice

I was literally speechless! Was so NOT expecting this, but VERY excited!

After the first yucky day, the rest of the trip was beautiful!

These were both taken on our first day out on the beach : )

The next morning we got up early, watched the sun rise on the beach, got some breakfast and headed back to bed!


Best pictures we could get of the sun rising

We both got a little burned on the first day out so we took it easy the third day. We slept in, shopped around, played putt-putt ( I kicked BUTT! : ) then hung out at the pool...under the umbrella, ha!

Showing off my scorecard and lucky golf ball!!! This is the first time I have EVER won at putt-putt! And I didn't just win, I kicked Mikey's booty, ha!

Showing his pouty face after getting beat, ha! Sorry babe, you just can't win them all : )

Later that night we headed to the village of Baytowne Wharf for dinner! Such a precious little community on the bay! LOVE it!

Mikey and I in the HUGE adirondack chair

And finally a couple of beach pictures...

Notice the little bird in the picture right beside Mikey, ha!

We couldn't get many pictures because it was SO windy and I was afraid the tripod was gonna blow over and my dress was gonna blow up, ha!

We had such a wonderful time that I am pretty sure a move to the beach is in my future! So that is some great motivation for me as I start classes again this summer : ) I hope we can take another trip this summer, chances are slim, but I have hope!

I hope you all are having a good weekend! We are still working on our back patio, well Mikey is...hopefully he can finish it soon and I can get some pictures up...I am SO pumped about it!

I am also still working on my first sewing project...a roman shade for our kitchen window. I have to buy some more supplies for it but hopefully can get it finished tomorrow : ) Happy Saturday Night!