Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Hours In A Day? Please?

HOLY MOLY!!! I cannot believe it has almost been another week since my last post! I have really got to get better about posting in a timely fashion! I really don't know why or how but I have just been SO crazy busy lately! The above picture is a perfect example of how I am feeling these days! Usually I am pretty good about keeping myself centered, realxed and only focused on one (maybe two) things at a time...well, NOT these days! I am letting myself get pulled in SO many different directions that I'm almost just crazy! Why, oh why can't there be more like, hmmm...84 hours in a day!?!?

No, I didn't intend on this post being a collection of whiny complaints about how there is never enough time in a day. I just wanted to let you guys know I haven't forgot about my blog, but rather I am just trying to accomplish way too many things at once these days. I am planning on stopping that ASAP, but these next few weeks are full of WORK (too much!), family visits, and finally...OUR anniversary beach trip : ) So, while I might not have any more free time coming available, I am going to try extra hard  NOT to neglect my blog!

  • Nothing much to post about really. Mikey is about to start another job that will hopefully give us a little more time together! I doubt it...but I am hopeful!
  • Momma and Daddy dropped by for a short visit last Thursday : ) It was nice seeing them and showing them our house
  • Momma brought me a sewing machine! I have decided to make a roman shade first for our kitchen window...wish me luck! I will take pictures and let you know how that goes when I actually get started. I bought a pattern and fabric but didn't have any bobbins for the sewing machine so I have to wait on Momma to send me some before I can get started!
  • Mikey has started preparing the yard for our new patio!...more to come : )
  • 19 days til the beach!
This weekend, we are going to celebrate Carter's FIRST birthday in Tennessee with the family! I am super duper excited!!! But I can't believe baby Carter is already ONE!!!! SO crazy how time flies!!!! We haven't been able to visit hubby's side of the family in a while and I have been MISSING them! So, we are pretty pumped about it! I will be SURE to post about that! I am planning on doing some "catch up" posts Monday. Until then...


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