Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover

So....we have finished my laundry room makeover! Well, as much as we can at the moment. I might end up adding some wall cabinets (above my white ones) and a countertop to my floor cabinets (for folding), later but for now this is all the budget allows, ha! i I LOVE it!!! It ended up being a bit more BLUE than the sample paint color looked, but it's still cute : ) I still have to find some more accessories to add to tone down some of the "blue-ness" but for the most part it's done! And I must admit I might enjoy doing laundry a little more now ; ) but shhhh...don't tell!!!

BEFORE pictures:

This is what you see as soon as you open the door...not good

After you walk through the door, the washer and dryer are to the right (pardon my unfolded laundry in the basket...slacker, I know)

I thought I took more pictures than these but I guess there just wasn't much to photograph. The layout of the room is kinda weird, but we did the best we could with it...check it out

AFTER pictures:

This is now what you see when you open the door...they are VERY useful too!
They make for a GREAT folding table, laundry basket table and add lots of storage : )

Hopefully we can update our washer & dryer soon to help complete the makeover, ha!

And just because I LOVE my baskets...


  1. I am a basket fiend! Love those with the damask lining. The room looks beautiful!! Good idea with the countertops, too for a folding area. You could even tile the top that is there for just a few dollars (google simplemat and read about its awesomeness). :)

  2. Super cute!! Love all the blue:)