Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're still ALIVE...

I totally get that I have been neglecting my blog these past few days...well, uh...week I guess it is now. I just haven't felt like we have had much to share ; ) It's been pretty low-key around our house which has been GREAT! Poor Mikey got my yucky sickness from me so we have both been a little "under the weather" over the weekend. I am about 99% better! YAY!!!! But Mikey might have a couple more days to go : ( And I am in the process of working 3 nights in a row so that's why you haven't heard from us : )

Just for the record, I have two posts ready to post...right after I take the pictures for them...I have been procrastinating...taking my time with that. After having a crummy week last week, our weekend was spent mostly just hanging out together and watching TV : ) It was NICE! We really had to catch up on the Biggest Loser, so glad we had time to do that. We also watched Julie & Julia...soooo cute! Also, I have been really good about staying on track with my workouts & running! GO ME!

Now...for DWTS... I liked the football player, Jake was still a total dork, the Pussy Cat Doll girl was WAY too good, Kate G. really shouldn't have signed up to do this, and was Pamela Anderson drunk!?!? I mean seriously...she is SO weird! Overall, I thought it was pretty good. It should be entertaining to say the least.

As far as for the rest of our week, not sure what we're gonna get in to. I am hoping for some beautiful weather! And we might go to visit my parents...we'll see! For now I am going to dream of this...

In 31 days I will be here!!! : )

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