Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fever

Okay, so if this weather today doesn't symbolize that spring is finally coming I won't know what to think! Ha! Today was GORGEOUS! I had SO many things to get done inside, but I just wanted to stay outside!!! I had to sleep kinda late because I am working tonight...(i hate that because I can get SO much accomplished early in the morning) but then I had some breakfast, my coffee and then took a jog through the neighborhood followed by a dog walk. Isn't is funny how you don't see any neighbors for months in the winter, then a beautiful day comes around and everyone is out : ) I LOVE it!!!! I am SOOOO ready for spring and summer : ) I really, really hope the freezing cold weather is GONE for good!

Mikey has spent ALL day outside working, of course. He has got part of the backyard (the part with no grass) ready to lay sod when Lowes gets it in and has constructed us a precious little flower garden beside his shop. I did get some housework done, but I spent most of my day OUT in the SUNSHINE reading magazines and watching Mikey work, ha! It was glorious!

So, Mikey starts a new job serving tonight at a local restaurant here. That's great because we will have some extra income coming in while he goes back to school full-time...but REALLY stinks because we will never see each other : ( I am so used to having dinner together and most of the time he drives me to work, but no more : ( Oh well, God has awesome plans for us and this is all part of it! As cliche as it is..."Everything happens for a reason..."

Here are some before pictures of part of our backyard...

Our soon-to-be flower garden : )

The back part that's in the shade is where we are gonna lay sod

Another view  

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