Friday, March 12, 2010

My Reading List: Have A Little Faith

I just finished reading Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom. It actually took me a while to sit and read this book. I started into the first couple of chapters like 3 times before I finally stuck with it. Then, once I continued I read almost the entire book in one shift at work! I think it was hard for me to stick with this book at first because he flips back and forth between two different lives and it was hard for me to keep up when it had been a few days weeks since I had last read.

First, Mitch Albom is a wonderful author but also this book was a true story which I LOVE! As the title says, it is a book about faith. It doesn't focus on a particular faith, but rather gives you a big pitcure of how all faiths have a common basis...the belief in a higher power. The book tells the story of two completely different men, with completely different religions, backgrounds, lives...etc, but how they are so similar in other ways by being true to their respective faiths. This is kind of a difficult book to explain to you without typing it all out, but I do recommend it! It is a smaller book that doesn't take very long to read, but I do think it is much easier to follow when you read it all together pretty quickly. It's just truly a great story that will get your mind thinking...who doesn't need that, right? Ha!

Also, I know I shouldn't "judge a book by its cover," but I must say that this is the coolest looking book I think I've ever seen! You can't tell much about it from just the picture, but it's designed and textured (even the pages) to look like the main character's old prayer book that was held together by rubber bands. The design may or may not have been what persuaded me to buy the book...

Well, we have some friends coming to visit tomorrow from out of town and I have LOTS of cleaning to do! So, I better have my coffee and get to it! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL, beautiful weekend! I'm praying for LOTS of SUNSHINE : )

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