Saturday, March 6, 2010

A little of this & that

I am really slacking lately with my blogging. I just feel like the days are flying by lately. Well, my "off" days at least. I have been off the past 3 days and of course I didn't get accomplished near as much as I planned. 'Tis life, huh? As you can see I did manage to change my blog a little : ) But...I still can't figure out how to create a header though : ( It took me so long to change what I did change Wednesday night that I really didn't want to mess with it anymore these past couple of days. So, it's half-way changed which is driving me crazy so...if any of my sweet blog friends would like to offer up some advice/help it would be wonderfully appreciated : )

We finally got our china for the china cabinet! I LOVE IT!!! My daddy bought this china for his mother in 1957 in Japan when he was in the Marines. After she passed away a couple of years ago it was given back to him and he gave it to me for our wedding gift : ) Thanks Daddy!!!!!!!

We spent most of the last couple of days still trying to get the living room completely finished. We are sooo close, but still have a couple of little details. We painted an accent wall and Mikey is almost finished building our "hall tree" (quite possibly going to be my MOST favorite thing he has EVER built!). We just still need a couple of accessories but I can't seem to find exactly what I am looking frustrating. Guess I will just keep searching. I am ready to finish this room and move on to the next : ) Which might be our backyard because I am dying to built a bigger patio for the summer : )...we'll see...

I guess I need to hurry off this computer and head outside. I am "revamping" our outdoor furniture on this lovely day! Have a GREAT Saturday night : )

Just some pics of our "new" china in our renovated china cabinet...and just me playing with our new lens...

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