Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Review

We had a lovely weekend here with the Coop family : ) Friday night Mikey's parent's came in town. Unfortunately I had to work so I didn't get to visit with them at all that night. Saturday, Mikey and Timbo worked very hard in our backyard (in the FREEZING cold might I add), to get the posts up for our upcoming fence...hopefully making its debut by this weekend : ) I wish SO badly I would have taken pictures of them was hilarious!!! I was just too tired to get the camera that morning and I thought I would have the next day to take pictures. We then had dinner with Momma and Papa Coop Saturday night before they headed back home. I wish they could have stayed longer! I am SO thankful for their help though! I cannot WAIT to have our backyard fenced in so I don't feel so open to everybody and their mama!

Also, on Saturday night, my big sis came to stay with us before flying out the next morning for work. I don't get to see her too often so it's always nice to be able to catch up. And, she never disappoints with her entertaining stories of the adventures of my 3 nephews, ha! They are SO crazy. Just an story involved Jayden (my 4 year-old nephew), a pair of tweezers, and an electrical outlet, ha!...yeah, you get the point! There's never a dull moment in their household with 3 boys!

Sunday morning was so peaceful for me! I got up, had a nice cup of coffee AND breakfast! That never happens before church. Usually I don't leave myself enough time for breakfast. It was a VERY rainy/gloomy/yucky morning but we enjoyed church so much. We are studying the book of John right now and I am LOVING it! I never realized how many great stories took place in this book. The Lord is just really opening my eyes and allowing me to understand him better through Jesus and I am so thankful for that! I just can't wait to go back every Sunday! After church, we had a nice lunch together and then shopped around a bit : ) Sunday afternoon was spent exploring the aisles of Lowes and Target, and may have included a trip to Starbucks.

Well, I guess I should wrap this post up. I feel I have just been rambling on and on about nothing. This week I hope to pick up the pace with my road to fitness! I MUST get my booty back to the gym...REGULARLY! So, after I get off work in the morning...I shall begin, wish me luck : )

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