Sunday, January 10, 2010

SHOW US HOW YOU LIVE - New Year's Resolutions/Goals

First off, I do realize that I am a couple of days late posting this, but better late than never...right? So this year I decided to join Kelly's Korner in the "Show Us Your Life" posts each Friday. So of course it makes since to begin the new year with the New Year's resolutions and goals. So here goes...

1. Develop a deeper, closer and more intimate relationship with God. He has blessed me in every aspect of my life and I owe it to Him to give my time and love back to Him. He MUST become my FIRST priority!

2. Be a better wife. It's not that I think I am a bad wife now, ha! But Mikey is such a wonderful husband and he deserves everything I have to give to him. I pray that I can be the wife the Lord wants me to be.

3. Give more to others. This includes money, my time, gifts, etc. Sadly, I have never really focused on this area much in my life, but now is the time to start! I hope to find some sort of childrens' organization in our area to work with : )

4. Save money. We are working on becoming debt free so we can give to God and others freely! I can't wait for those days!!!! : ) But until then, I just keep asking the Lord to give us the determination and discipline we need to reach this goal.

5. I want to learn how to use my camera!!!! We bought a GREAT camera about this time last year, but don't really know how to get the most out of it. I bought a book specific to our camera and hope to become a pro with it by the end of this new year : )

I am SO excited about being a part of this blog idea : ) I hope I can stay on top of it each week!

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