Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflecting on 2009

WOW! Where has this year gone!? 2009 has been one crazy year for the Coop's! I am thankful for SO SO SO many things this year!

1. My AMAZING husband! - Our marriage continues to grow stronger everyday! The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful, loving man who I know will always take care of me. I feel like I can never thank God enough for my Mikey!

2. My Daddy making it through his heart surgery and recovering! - Anyone who knows me knows that my Daddy is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT people in my life! That man is my everything and I could NEVER imagine my life without him! I have never been SO terrified in my life when he had to have a triple bypass in June, but I am SO VERY VERY VERY THANKFUL to the AWESOME Lord above for protecting him before and during the surgery and then giving him the strength to fully recover after!!!! and very quickly might I add : ) That is also something I could never thank the Lord enough for!

3. Our New House! - God has also blessed us by giving us the means to become homeowners this year! I really wasn't all that excited about it until after, but now I am LOVING it and SO very blessed to have this opportunity!

4. Our Family! - Of course I am so very thankful for all of our family on both sides! I thank the Lord everyday that Timbo was brought back to us safely after spending a year in Afghanistan and we were SO very blessed to have our precious baby Carter join the family this year : ) We have a precious family all the way around and have no clue what I would do without each and every member!

These are just a few great things from 2009! Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in my life! I am SO looking forward to what 2010 will bring!

Just a few pics to commemorate 2009...

Jamaica: June 2009

Jamaica again

Buddy Walk: October 2009

Carter's Crew!

Our Family Expansion: Charlie, October 2009

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