Thursday, January 14, 2010

Needing Prayers

Yesterday was not such a great day. Mikey lost his job...six weeks after we closed on our first home. Of course I feel lost, sad, and definitely worried but I honestly feel that the Lord has something wonderful coming from this unfortunate event. I want to please ask you all (although I know I only have 6 followers, ha!) to please pray for us. Please pray for Mikey that he holds his head high, doesn't lose hope and is able to trust in God to send him down the right path towards a job in which he will be able to follow God's will in performing. I also pray that we use this as an opportunity in our marriage to grow stronger together. Opportunities such as these opens up a door to be able to lean on each other and fully trust one another and feel that you always have a partner beside you to help hold you up during the tough days. Lastly, I would love your prayers to be mostly directed toward us using this oppotunity to grow closer to the Lord. This is a wonderful time to completely let go of any worry and thrust it upon the shoulders of God, as He wants us to do. I am trying my VERY hardest to do just this, but definitely need some prayers.

I hope this post isn't portrayed as a pity party because that is most definitely NOT what this is about. I wanted to vent a little but also ask for any prayers anyone would be willing to give : ) I just want to handle this situation in the best manner possible and I know that by your prayers and God's leading hand, I can do just that. Thank you for listening : ) I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

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