Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My baby girl, Ellie is 3 years old today!!! This makes me kinda sad because I don't want her (or Toby) to get any older : ( Ellie is the BIGGEST cuddle bug EVER! She is SO sweet (despite the reputation chihuahuas have). I will ALWAYS remember the night I got her, she wouldn't get out of my lap the entire ride home, and has been that way ever since, ha! I never thought I would be this attached to Ellie. I got Ellie for Toby to have a friend back when I was in nursing school and didn't get to spend a lot of time with him. Well, Toby got an Ellie stuck up his bottom is what he got, ha! Ellie NEVER leaves Toby's side, but I don't think he minds it too much : ) Mikey and I both love her very VERY much and I cannot imagine our lives without her! We LOVE you Ellie!!! And wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY MORE!!! Don't worry Ellie...I have birthday treats for later : )

Ellie when I first got her...almost 3 years ago!!!

ADORABLE!!!! and  SO tiny!!!!

She has ALWAYS loved Toby from the VERY beginning  : )

This is Ellie at 1and 1/2 years old!

And this is Ellie this year : )

Christmas, Part I

Being in the professions that we are, we unfortunately do not get spend Christmas with our families on Christmas Day : ( SO sad!!!! So, we must improvise. This past weekend, we visited Mikey's side of our family in Tennessee. We had a great trip! And it had been SO long since we taken a trip to his parents' house. I was nervous about traveling with 3 dogs and how they would behave while we were visiting but they were GOOD!!! I was so proud of them! Charlie was a GREAT rider, not a trait he has shown us previously and he also LOVED Max. Charlie was a little scared of Max at first but he warmed right up to him and they played and played! One thing that wasn't very nice of Charlie was that he went pee pee on Timbo's foot, ha! NOT very nice of him but it was kinda funny! I have NO idea why in the world he would have done that!!! I'm sure Timbo gave him the discipline he needed though, ha! Sorry Papa Coop!

Charlie & Max playing


Friday night we had a nice dinner at the Cracker Barrel (Y-U-M!) with Momma and Papa Coop. After dinner we took a little trip to the PX, then we headed home where Mikey and I opened our Christmas gifts! I have NO clue why I didn't get pictures of us opening our gifts (crazy me!), but I have some pictures of our gifts after we opened them. I got some totally comfy pajamas with matching slippers...ALWAYS a favorite gift of mine!!!!!! and Mikey got some shirts for work. But our big gifts were a TOM-TOM!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! (SO happy I don't have to be lost anymore!!!!!) and a gift card to Lowes to help us buy our fence for the back yard!!!!!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!! Thanks SOOOOOO much Momma and Papa Coop!!!!!! We LOVE you guys and are SO thankful for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, we headed down to Nashville where we got to see Matt, Lizzie and two of our beautiful nephews : ) After having lunch with Lizzie and the boys we headed out for some shopping and sight seeing!!! We got to visit my FAVORITE store...the Apple Barn! and of course some other good places too! After shopping we headed to the gorgeous Opryland Hotel to check out the Christmas lights. They were SO pretty, but it was SO cold outside! I am really happy I finally got to see them though! I have been wanting to see them the past couple of years!

Outside Christmas tree at Opryland Hotel

Me & Mikey

Only part of the very beautiful nativity scene

Christmas tree and wreath inside Opryland

 Wreath again


Momma Coop and Me : )

Mikey and his Mommy : )

Sunday, Mikey went hunting with his Daddy while I watched Momma Coop wrap gifts, ha! I would have helped but I am NOT a pretty gift wrapper! After the boys got home, we headed out to lunch at the PX...Charley's, SO YUMMY! And then had to head home : ( We ALWAYS love our weekends in Tennessee but they fly by SO fast  : ( I wish we could visit more often!

Well, Christmas Part II is coming up later this week...stay tuned! And if I don't get to post before Friday...I hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!