Saturday, November 14, 2009

Checking in...

Yeah, I'm still alive, ha! It has been a crazy busy week so I haven't had any time to blog : ( I worked all the beginning of the week and this entire weekend...bummer i know! But overtime = good paycheck : ) Well, lets see...some updates...

Charlie - He's doing much better with the training. He took his first vet trip Thursday where he cost me an arm and a leg or course, but he did good. He's definitely staying with us now after all this money I've spent! I surely do hope that this was the LAST vet visit for a LONG time! They have gotten all my overtime money this past month! He and Toby are starting to play together more, but Ellie is still not sure what to think when he tries to play with her...she might not ever, ha!

Toby and Charlie playing : )

House - WE HAVE A CLOSING DATE.......YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited! After several MONTHS of trying to buy a house, I think we might actually be getting there. This has been an extremely long, frustrating process but I am SO happy that we will have a home soon! It's going to be a crazy, crazy rest of the month with the holidays, working and moving but it will SO be worth it! November 23, 2009 is the BIG day! Please pray that everything goes well and we have NO more setbacks!

And of course...

Alabama vs. Mississippi State
31 - 3

The Crimson Tide is now 10-0! We have had a great season this year. We have so many talented players that contribute to the victory of this team...and I am VERY thankful for that, ha! We will be playing Tennessee-Chattanooga next week and then...the Iron Bowl! So, Bama get rested and get pumped! And out, we are getting ready for you! I can't wait to gator chomp your team and your coach! : )

Hopefully this coming week will be a little more laid back than last. Although, it will involve LOTS of packing and cleaning. We are planning on having a dinner and movie date next weekend, but other than that we will be at home working on our big move! I hope you all have a wonderful night and rest of the weekend!