Saturday, November 7, 2009

SEC Championship Bound!

Heck yeah! We are 9-0 now! I am SOOOOO happy we beat LSU! Hallelujah!!!! I can't stand them! This win also locked us into playing for the SEC title against Florida next month...another team I hate! But we will handle them then. We still have two more conference games, one of which is the Iron Bowl so we can't stop here! We were pretty laid back today. We just slept late...again, ha! Then watched the BAMA game. After watching the very nerve-wracking, but exciting game we were headed out for a night out on the town. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, but rather than going out after dinner, we just decided to go to Barnes and Noble for Starbucks and books : ) I love B&N dates, they make me happy! I got a new Bible too! I'm pretty excited about that. We are going to go to early church in the morning then I think to Homestead Hollow for the afternoon. My throat is SO sore from yelling for my Crimson Tide and I am pretty tired from all the jumping up and down and yelling at the, I am going to call it a night with my honey. Sleep tight!

Headed out to celebrate the win! ROLL TIDE ROLL : )