Monday, November 2, 2009

Another ol' Monday

Okay, I promise one day I will have a post that is not about our dogs. But at this point in our lives they pretty much get all our attention, ha! So, today is my start of a 3 day work stretch so I am doing my usual of straightening up the house, doing the laundry and cooking. Also, we took the dogs on a walk in this gorgeous weather and they all got baths! Toby got a haircut too which he desparately needed! I hate that this post isn't that interesting but this is a day in our lives :)

Hopefully, we will be closing on the house in 2 weeks! I try not to think much about it until it actually happens! But I do feel like we are getting closer each day, yay! I can't WAIT until we have a HOME! :) So, I probably won't post the next couple of days because I will be working but this weekend should be fun, so maybe I'll have some good stuff then. Have a Good Night and Week! :)

Playing in the yard after our walk

Ellie watching Toby get a haircut

Charlie is trying to figure out what's going on and why isn't he getting one?

Toby being a good puppy while getting his hair did

Toby getting his tail trimmed : )

Charlie's First Bath

He kept drinking the water

Ellie getting her bath : )

And lastly...we have Toby and his mohawk : )