Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween wasn't the biggest occasion around here, but the pups did all get costumes that they wore while we handed out candy. We didn't have too many trick-or-treaters but at least we had some. This is the first Halloween Mikey and I have been able to spend together and hand out candy. I had to work last year so I was happy to be able to be at home, especially since the time changes and I would have to work an extra hour, yuck! I did that last year...NOT fun! Not much to talk about...Toby is ALL better now, YAY! I was SO worried about him, he had such a rough couple of days. Charlie is still learning to train but is doing much better than he was. I just wish he would hurry already! And Ellie, well she's just Ellie...just prancing around and acting like a princess : ) Tonight, I am just going to have dinner and cuddle with my hubby! I can't ask for much more than that : ) I will end with our Halloween pictures. Good Night!

Toby the Pumpkin

Ellie the Bumble Bee

Charlie the Cow

Me, the pumpkin and bumble bee : )
Toby looks high and Ellie just looks confused, ha!

Toby and Ellie waiting on trick-or-treaters : )

I don't think Charlie was too fond of his cow costume...he kept taking off the head!

The Pumpkin, Cow, and Bumble Bee
This picture is not the best, but the best we could do

Happy Halloween from The Coop Family