Friday, October 30, 2009

The Doggie Saga continues...

Soooo...I thought my vet days were over for a while but my precious Toby decided to prove me wrong today. As I was home with the all the puppies this morning (by myself this time), we were just relaxing and catching up on The Hills. I noticed Toby was trying to spit up or something so I took him off the couch and put him on the floor where he then threw up (sorry, gross i know). When he finished spitting up he looked up at me and his little face was completely swollen : ( His mouth and eyes looked SO pitiful! we go the vet...3rd day in a row...I won't make it a long drawn out story because there's not much too it. But basically he had an allergic reaction to his vaccines yesterday. Poor thing had to stay there all alone without me all afternoon : ( And of course I cried...yes, in the vet. I was so sad because I was all alone today, at least Mikey was home with me the other night when we had to go. So, I had to be a big girl today. I got to pick Toby up before I left for work. He looks MUCH  better : ) I hope he is through scaring me for a while! I don't know how much more I can take! So, we just have to keep giving him Benadryl for a day or so. And now every time he gets vaccinated he will have to be premedicated and stay for observation...oh, these special dogs I have. But i LOVE them though! Poor Toby has been through hell the past few days. That makes 3 rectal temps for Toby in like 48 hours now...It hasn't been an especially good week for us. Hopefully next week will be better! Tomorrow is Halloween, yay! I have costumes for all 3 doggies so check back tomorrow or Sunday to see them : )

Toby with his bandage : (

Toby trying to take his bandage off, ha! "What is this thing!?", he says.

Charlie kept checking on Toby when he got home

"I'm feeling better now! Thanks Mommy!" : )