Monday, October 26, 2009

Working Monday

Tonight I am posting from work...I usually work on Monday nights so today was pretty much just a boring ol' day. So this post is mainly going to be about Charlie, our new puppy. So, I love him to pieces and he is the MOST adorable thing, but HOLY MOLY...I totally forgot how hard it is to potty train (or I guess it should be yard train, ha) puppies, ugh! Thankfully, Mikey is doing most of the work but when I am with him during the day, it's all on me. He freakin drove me crazy today! We went outside EVERY hour ALL DAY long and he NEVER used it once outside! What does he do...go in the house immediately after we come back in, ugh!...that little terd! He has such a funny personality though. He is the clumsiest thing I've ever seen, he can just be walking and fall on his face, ha! it's pretty funny! Another thing about Charlie is that he does things BIG! You will see what I mean in the pictures...So, everybody pray for Charlie and for me to have patience. I know he is just learning, but I am so spoiled to my Toby and Ellie who know where to do their business. So even as frustrated as I was at him all day, I couldn't help but love on him and smile after I saw this while I was cooking dinner...

He doesn't just get a toy or two out of the box and play...He jumps IN the box itself and plays with ALL the toys...PRECIOUS : )

He is just digging as hard as his little paws can...butt up in the air and everything, ha!

I have some pictures of him IN the DRAWER of dog food, but they are saved on the computer at home. I will have to post them tomorrow or Wednesday. Well, I guess that's about all for this post. Hopefully, the next 9 hours will fly by...yeah, right! Tootles!

That's What I Love About Sunday

So, Sunday was a wonderful relaxing day for us. We didn't make it to church which makes me SO sad, but Mikey was feeling sick Saturday night and with all the swine flu going around, I sure didn't want to take it to church if he had it. Fortunately, looks like he just has a cold. But anyway, so we all slept late and caught up on some much needed sleep. After taking Tyler back to his Dad (i was sad he left us), we headed to have lunch at Panera Bread...yummy! Then we went to Aldridge Gardens to check out there Fall Festival actvities they had going on and snap a few pictures. It was mostly kids activities like a magician, pumpkin painting, and a scarecrow contest. The scarecrows were SO cute, I took a picture of Mikey's favorite that I will post. So, we mostly just took a few pictures then headed out.

This was Mikey's favorite scarecrow...go figure : )

It was REALLY good...i hope this one won!

Mikey walking about the gardens : )

ME! : ) i always have to be the poser so he can get the camera set up...ha!

Beautiful scenery!

I loved this tree behind us, it was such PRETTY fall colors : )'s us again, sorry!

I love my Mikey : )

Alrighty, on to the next part of the day...We went to the mall to return a shirt, walked around a little bit and got Starbucks : ) Oh yeah...Mikey suprised me with some more angels too : ) Then we headed to Wal-Mart to get our pumpkins for carving! We were going to go to the pumpkin patch this year, but time got away from us so we decided to save that until next year. So the pumpkin carving begins...

 Mikey starting on his pumpkin

Mikey eating his pumpkin guts, ha!

My pumpkin guts...ewww!

i LOVE pumpkin carving!

Toby & Ellie getting in on the fun : )

Our finished products!

And again