Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Events


This weekend has been busy! Saturday we headed South to visit my family. Me, Mikey, and Tyler headed out Saturday morning. First stop...Prattville. We stopped to visit my parents for about an hour Saturday on the way to Andalusia. After leaving them, we headed down to Paul and Andalusia to visit Dareath, Jason, Hunter, Brendon, and Jayden. We just hung out around their house for a few hours, had lunch, and played outside some before heading to watch Brendon play football. Oh yeah, and watched half of the Alabama football game.

Jayden playing outside...with his dirty pizza face : )

The two older boys hanging out



Handsome Boy

We then headed to Andalusia to watch Brendon play football at my high school. It was fun to show Mikey where I graduated from, although I don't think he was too excited about it, ha! Brendon is such a GREAT football player, he has such a strong passion for football! He may not be the biggest on the team, but I would be scared of him! He was right in the middle of the tackles (he plays defense) and did such a good job stopping the other team! Go Brendon!

He's on the end...#38

Listening to the coach

He's hard to see in this one, but he is right in the center with his hands on his knees (left side of the center)

Can't see him in this one, but that's because he was right in the center of the tackle! Go Brendon!

Tyler, Mikey and Charlie

Jayden with his hot chocolate : )

Tyler and Hunter watcihng the game

Watching Brendon's game : )

Dareath and Jason : )

Go Andalusia Termites
34 - 0

Our future Alabama player!

You know he's gotta look like a tough football player, ha!

It was VERY fun, but tiring day! I am SO happy that Tyler made the trip with us. I got to see a lot of my family in one day : ) That ALWAYS makes me happy!  Today was a GREAT day too, but I will have to post about that tomorrow...I'm sleepy! Goodnight All! : )