Monday, September 28, 2009

Blah Monday...


So, this past weekend was GREAT! I always hate our days back to work without each other! I love being with my mikey and it makes me so sad when we work and have to spend days apart due to our opposite schedules. But enough whining... Church was great yesterday. We attend Hunter Street Baptist Church in Hoover, Al (pictured above). I grew up attending this church until we moved when I was about 13. It it such a wonderful church. Pastor Buddy Gray is SO down to earth and very entertaining. I am never disappointed when I hear one of his sermons. This fall we are having sermons discussing having "Hope during Difficult Times." We begin each sermon by having members of the church family show a video testimony of something that has tragically happened to them or their family and how they looked to the Lord for hope to continue their lives. This video testimonies are SUCH tear jerkers, but they always remind me of how truly good our God is and how he ALWAYS has a reason for everything! It's hard to remember that sometimes, so I always welcome a gentle reminder!
      After church we headed to my parents house in Prattville, Al to visit and have dinner. I was going to take pics to post but my mother spent 6 HOURS in the ER for a sprained ankle! (she's okay...they were just SUPER slow). It was a nice visit...they live out in the middle of nowhere so its alwalys quiet and nice to sit outside. Mikey shot his bow (getting ready for hunting season)...and Toby and Ellie roamed around outside being nosy, like they always do, ha! I always enjoy seeing my Momma and Daddy...i LOVE them SO much and I am VERY thankful for everything they have done for me : ) i love you!
     Today I am just continuing my normal routine for my first day back at work...that includes sleeping late, laundry, dinner, cleaning and being lazy!...all in half a day! I have caught up on 3 of my shows ( i LOVE fall TV), got dinner started, halfway done the laundry but thats about it...i had to force myself to turn OFF the DVR so I could blog and then get OFF my lazy butt and clean! So I guess this must be my farewell for now. Nothing exciting coming up this week, just work. We're STILL waiting on the final approval for the house (tick tock tick tock) maybe we will have some VERY exciting news SOON (hopefully!)