Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finding Financial Peace

So, after reading two of Dave Ramsey's books and thinking what a great idea all of his concepts are, but never implementing them, we finally took the first step! YAY!!!! We are officially Financial Peace University (FPU) students. I always wanted to take the 13-week class offered at our church, but knew we could never make all the classes with our irregular schedules. So, I finally just committed and registered us for the online classes. It seems like it will work out very well for us. You still get to watch Dave teaching live classes and there is an enormous selection of tools and resources on the website. I feel very fortunate and  blessed to have the income we have and what God has given us, but I know we have way too much debt (any debt is too much!), and I want to be able to give more to God and others!

BEFORE: This is the before picture of our broken piggy bank (aka savings account), ha!

By following Dave's plan (and we WILL stick with it), we should be able to put our piggy bank back together and and make it a FAT piggy : ) I totally 100% believe we can do this, we just have to learn discipline and self control (like NOT buying any more Charlie's, ha!) Mikey is totally on board with me too and I am SO thankful and excited for that!

AFTER: This will be our piggy bank after completing the "baby steps" : )

This will NOT be easy and definitely not fun at times, but totally worth it in the end! I want to be able to give to the Lord and others freely without having to worry about emergencies, bills, etc. Also, I don't want our children to have to start their careers with thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of student loan debt. This was not an option for us, but that's why we want to "change our family tree" as Dave says.


GREAT news!!!! We have already completed baby step #1!!! YAY! Baby step #1 is establishing a "baby" emergency fund designated for unexpected events while working on paying off debt. We have been saving this money for purchases for our new home, but we decided together it would be best to just go ahead and have this fund set up. This isn't the most exciting decision, but the smartest. That's what this whole program is about, right? Besides, I can just save up again to buy towels, furniture, and cute things for the house (i just keep telling myself this). I am SO excited to start this journey with my hubby. I'm sure I will be on here from time to time whining about what I want but can't buy, but it's my blog and that's what it's for, right?, ha! So, please pray for us that we will stand strong, stay focused, and apply these principles we are learning to our life.

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  1. Congrats to you guys!! My husband had been watching Dave Ramsey for a while and he asked for "Total money Makeover" for Christmas...which he is getting. And we are joining a bible study in January (and it might be the Financial Peace University?? I'm not exactly sure). Anyway, best of luck to you guys! Congratulations!!