Friday, October 23, 2009

New Addition

Today has been suprisingly eventful! We went to get our nephew, Tyler this afternoon to hang out with him and go visit the rest of the family tomorrow. Before leaving to get Tyler, we decided to take a few pics outside with the dogs since it was SO beautiful out today. First, there are also some pictures of Toby playing with a ball of yarn...he was hilarious! I wish I could have recorded it, but I took some pics instead.

Toby and his new favorite toy, ha!

He is SO adorable! It's kinda like a buy all these expensive toys, and what does he want...a $.50 ball of yarn!

Yeah, you know us : )

Me and my babies : )

Little Miss Priss playing outside

Our Complete Family...but not for long...

After picking up Tyler, we were headed to the mall to do some looking and walking. Well, Mikey decided we need to stop my Wal-mart to get cough drops right before we got to the mall. Well, that Wal-Mart trip ended up being very costly...As we pull in the parking lot, we see this lady with her son holding a PRECIOUS miniature schnauzer! And what does Mikey do? Park RIGHT by them! see where this is going...I tried not to want it, but he was TOO precious. I totally blame this ALL on Mikey, ha! He parked right beside them, walked up to them and held him, and then told me I don't care if you don't...uh huh, it was ALL him, ha! So we go to Wal-Mart for cough drops and get a new puppy!

YEAP! You got it! We are pretty much definitely insane for having 3 dogs! Holy Crap! I can't help it though, my heart just melts when I see them. And I honestly think Mikey wanted him more than me. So, of course I have pictures to post...

This is our new baby, Charlie!

Toby and Charlie are introduced...Toby is like..."Um, what's going on?"

They all 3 meet...Ellie's ears say it all, ha!

Charlie and his Daddy

Charlie and his Mommy

An updated picture of me and my babies

Toby giving Charlie welcoming kisses : )

And last but not least......................

The Coop Family
As you can see none of our children pay attention, ha!

Alrighty, this ended up being a mighty long post! So, tomorrow we are headed to see my parents, and my sister, brother-in-law and my nephews. We are going to watch Alabama play and then watch the Andalusia Termites play...Go Brendon! Will probably post again on Sunday. Have a GREAT Weekend!

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