Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Doggie Day

Today we spent all day with the puppies! It was a good day for us, but probably not for toby, ellie, & charlie, ha! poor things...they had to go to the vet today :( Toby gave us a MAJOR scare last night! While we were all laying on the couch watching The Proposal (very funny movie by the way!), Toby just starting trying his best to get to me on the other end of the couch. He was shaking, one paw wasn't working, and his mouth wouldn't open :( It was the SADDEST thing :( I am almost in tears again just thinking about it. But anyway, I'm pretty sure he had a seizure :( I was hysterical! I can't believe I acted the way I did! Thank goodness Mikey was here! I was just crying SO BAD! I was SO afraid my baby Toby wasn't going to be okay! So, we drove to a vet ER to have him checked out, but by the time we got there he was okay. Ironic as it is we were going to get shots today anyway so we just waited to see what the vet said today rather than spend money at two different vets.

So, today Toby and Ellie had to get exams and shots and Charlie got a pedicure, ha! The vet today said that Toby probably did have a seizure but unless it happens again, we can't do anything right now. So, please pray he doesn't have anymore!!!!!!!!! i LOVE toby soooooooo much and nothing can happen to him!!! Toby and Ellie were pretty good...Ellie was shockingly the BEST! I can't believe it! Usually Toby does better. Toby was good, he just freaked out when they took his temperature...I don't blame him though, two rectal temps in 24 hours is just NOT cool, i feel ya Toby! Ha! Charlie was awful! He screamed the WHOLE time they cut his nails! He is going to have to get better! Toby and Ellie also had to get blood drawn :( It was funny cause they had these cute little bandages on their leg. I was going to take a picture but Mikey just had to take the bandages off!

After we left the vet, we were going to take the doggies to the park but we were at the vet too late. Instead, we walked around the neighborhood and played in the yard a bit. They enjoyed it and so did we :) I hate I didn't take any pictures today :( But I am going to post the pictures of Charlie in the food drawer I posted about a couple of days ago and some old school ones of Toby and Ellie! Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for these guys! Charlie has to go get shots in a couple of weeks and after the way he acted today I am surely not looking forward to it! Well, going to spend some time with my love before he has to head to bed for work tomorrow :( Night All!

Charlie eating out of the food drawer! He is SUCH a little piglet!

A skinnier version of Ellie, ha!...this is summer 2007

One of Toby's favorite things to do...he's sitting on top of a laundry basket full of laundry : )

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